The Amazing Water Tip

Download this articleUse nature’s finest cleaning fluid…pure water to rinse away the disease causing germs… allowing the body to heal itself.

For centuries mankind has attempted to clean his or her teeth. From twigs and sticks, man progressed to tooth brushes and dental floss. Very few new innovations have arrived on the scene in the past two hundred years. The only new approach of any value was the addition of the Water Pik a few years ago.
People with bad gums have always benefited from the use of the Water Pik but now, with a Water Pik Tip, the Water Pik takes on an even more valuable role in keeping the mouth healthy.

The only treatment previously offered to people with advancing gum tissue disease has been to cut the gums. This amazing self-help instrument allows people to treat the real cause of the disease themselves, using natures purest cleaning fluid – pure water.

Writing in Prevention Magazine (January, 1979) “Keep Your Gums In the Pink,” John Feltman points out: “The most serious and wide spread problem affecting the gums is periodontal disease – a chronic progressive inflammation and infection of the gum tissue and underlying jawbone. Most medical researchers believe that the disease is caused by residual food, bacteria and tartar deposits that collect in the tiny crevices between the gums and the necks of the teeth.

As the bacterial infection spreads deeper into the periodontal tissue surrounding the jaw tooth connection, the jawbone itself begins to shrink around the sockets until teeth loosen and fallout. An estimated 75 per cent of the adult U.S. population suffers from some degree of periodontal disease, and it is the leading tooth destroyer among the middle-aged and older.

Keeping the teeth and gums clean and free of the sticky plaque or film that can harbor harmful bacteria is essential. Careful, effective brushing (particularly at the gum line) along with daily between-teeth cleaning, using dental floss, is the backbone of a preventive program.” The Water Pik helps to further clean the gingival crevice which is always the critical zone. As reported in Nutrition Today, “the plaque which develops in the gum crevice constitutes one of the densest concentrations of the bacteria to which man is exposed. It is therefore, not surprising that the removal of this bacterial mass usually prevents the development of inflammatory periodontal disease, or arrests it once it has begun.

Previously the Water Pik has been a valuable aid in controlling early gum tissue disease. With the discovery of the Water Pik Tip, the basic instrument is catapulted into a new realm of self-treatment for the more advanced stages of infective gum tissue diseases. This approach in many cases can totally eliminate the need for costly and painful gum surgery, plus the terrible inconvenience of wearing intra-oral (mouth) bandages for up to several weeks. (Post-operative bleeding, risk of secondary infection, immediate severe pain and prolonged chronic sensitivity of the exposed root surfaces can all be avoided in most instances.)

When it comes to problems with the teeth and particularly with the gums: To cleanse is to heal. No amount of cutting away of the gums will help anything if the bacteria, etc., that cause the disease are not removed. In fact it’s quite probable that the injury of cutting makes matters even worse except in only a very few advanced cases. (The decision to cleanse or cut can be properly made only by a highly trained preventive oriented dentist…a few do exist but they are hard to find…most are too anxious to recommend or refer for surgery.)

Advanced gum tissue disease causes an eroding away of the supportive jawbone that holds the teeth in their sockets, loose gums leads to loose teeth, tightening up the gums will tighten up the teeth. Most dentists today don’t believe that lost bone will grow back. This is not true, it will grow back but only when the germs are removed. This has been proven by current research (The Journal of Clinical Periodontology 3:38 1976.) The scientists who carried out this research found ‘that: “all bone defects were refilled with bone,” but only in the group that kept the necks of the teeth properly cleaned.
The group with only “fair cleaning” showed a progressive deterioration of both gum tissue and bone.

Water Tip
NOTE: When gum tissue disease exists, this space between the gum tissue and tooth fills up with bacteria and food particles. It is the waste products of these bacteria that continue the disease.

This is one of those situations in life that needs total effort to get good results, partial effort here gets no results at all, and in fact the disease gets worse. The most recent study reported (The Journal of Clinical Periodontology 5:133, 1978) showed that with thorough cleaning: “there was no loss of gum tissue attachment and almost no development of new decay.” The Facts are out today, both professional and lay health journals are both reporting the scientific facts of how to take advantage of self-help dental care. Today’s dentists have been trained to offer only needles and knives to treat gum diseases. They will have to learn that current research proves that the most effective way to care for gum tissue problems is nature’s way, to cleanse and rejuvenate.

Water Tip

Diagram shows deep rinse away action.

This action is designed to cleanse the crevice or pocket of disease producing bacteria. When properly used, most loose gum tissue will tighten up as will loose teeth. In order to control the loose gums this space must be kept clean. Until now the only treatment was to cut away the loose gum tissue. Now it can be easily cured in most cases by eliminating the cause …rinsing away the disease producing bacteria with a special new water tip.

Special Instructions

You may need to have a dentist and/or dental hygienists help you to find the deep crevices (pockets) in your mouth that need this special cleaning. You may also need help in learning how to insert the tip for proper cleaning. The dentist may want to cut instead … insist on at least a couple of months to try the new way of care. In many cases it will eliminate the need for surgery.

When first using the Water Tip set your Water Pik at it’s lowest pressure setting. Gradually with use, increase the pressure a little bit each day. Slowly the gums will tighten and toughen up. Use the special tip for the pockets and then finish up the rest of the mouth with your regular Water Pik Tip. In order to clean well you will have to be able to see well. To help you do this we highly recommend a special unit designed specifically for this purpose.

The special light and mirror is called a Floxite Mirror. It allows you to see what you are doing with the new self-help approach to having healthy teeth and gums.