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Dental care can be accomplished at home. Read some of the following publications and see for yourself!

How to Become Dentally Self-Sufficient

Introduction You will find that as with virtually anything in the health spectrum, the first and best “medicine” is prevention, but we realize that there will be problems in spite of your preventive efforts … and we will help you understand these problems and what to do about them: A sort of “dental first aid” […]

Do I Really Need A Root Canal?

Sounds painful…for sure, expensive What’s it really all about? Several thousand people have asked Oramedics about the need for this type of dental treatment. It’s an honest question, so let’s see what an honest answer looks like. First…please…a little background. Teeth are “tough” on the outside, but inside they have a soft core called a […]

My Bad Teeth Are Killing Me

BAD TEETH AND GUMS ARE A DISEASE PROCESS… NOT A “natural” aging process. Can you glance up from this paper and see another person? Okay: As you read on, you might keep in mind that one of you two will probably die of heart disease. In fact, the national average is slightly higher than one […]

Clean Teeth Taste Good

CLEAN TEETH ARE HEALTHY TEETH CLEAN GUMS ARE HEALTHY GUMS Have you ever run your tongue around your mouth several hours after you have eaten and did not have a chance to brush your teeth? They feel sticky and strange, don’t they? That sticky feeling is caused from deposits on the teeth. These accumulations are […]

The Amazing Water Tip

Use nature’s finest cleaning fluid…pure water to rinse away the disease causing germs… allowing the body to heal itself. For centuries mankind has attempted to clean his or her teeth. From twigs and sticks, man progressed to tooth brushes and dental floss. Very few new innovations have arrived on the scene in the past two […]

Time to Brush up on Brushing Right

Chances are you aren’t brushing properly. It’s true. While most people brush, many don’t get the full benefit, because they don’t do it properly. Most don’t brush often enough. Many also don’t use an effective technique, or they don’t use a well-designed brush that ‘s in good condition. If you take a few minutes to […]

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